Taxi Recapitalisation scheme


The proponents of the ill-conceived Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and baffling Taxi Recapitalisation schemes swear that their conspiring is in the national interest. They take advantage of disintegrated and poor planned public transport system that mushroomed overtime, to pursue their questionable agenda. The intention of these two programs is nothing but a concerted dubious effort to destroy the only authentic African dominated business sector.

It is fascinating that the neo-colonial government in South Africa is angered by African success, outside their blessing, in the same way settler colonial regime was. It is because of this anger that these schemes continue the same disruptive practices of the previous settler colonial regime which used railway police during the seventies, traffic police in the eighties and third force driven taxi violence of the nineties to frustrate the taxi industry. The metro police in this decade have solo focus of stopping taxi vehicles while corporate busses remain untouched even when they are responsible for gruesome accidents on national roads.

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