In A South African newspaper, THE STAR of the 8th 0ctober 2012, Prof. Themba Sono raised his concern about referring to South Africa as ‘Mzansi.’ Mzansi means South in Zulu. What is historically clear and politically correct is that free men and women name themselves. Only slaves and dogs are named by their masters. That is why not long ago, there was Gold Coast, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, British Bechuanaland, Upper Volta and of course, South Africa. But now, free men and women named their countries, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Burkina Faso respectively.

“South Africa” is the name that British imperialism and its colonial settlers gave to this African country on the 20th September 1909. This colonial statute was called “An Act To Constitute The Union of South Africa 1909.” It was implemented in 1910.

What were the reasons for this Union of South Africa? Constitutional lawyers Gilbert Dold and C.P. Joubert have written, “Long before the Union was brought about, many recognised that the colour question in all its aspects had to be dealt with, not piecemeal by separate governments, but as one complex whole. The Cape had one native policy and Natal another entirely different, the Transvaal a third one, the Orange River Colony a fourth one.

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