The month of February is celebrated throughout the African World as Afrikan History Month since 1960. Initially launched in 1926, the celebration was only week-long. As part of this annual celebration, Mayihlome News brings you the African Pledge.

We are an Afrikan People

We will remember the humanity, glory and suffering of our Ancestors and honour the struggle of our Elders

We will strive to bring new values and new life to our people

We will have peace and harmony among us

We will be loving, sharing and creative

We will study and work – so we may learn

We will listen and remember – so we may teach

We will cultivate self-reliance

We will struggle to resurrect and unify our Continent – MAMA AFRIKA

We will raise many children for our nation

We will have discipline, patience, devotion, respect and courage

We will live as modest people, defend our community and provide new direction for our people

We will be free and self-determining

We are an Afrikan People

We will Win! We will Win!



2 thoughts on “THE AFRIKAN PLEDGE

  1. Black History month is also a month in which the founding President of the PAC Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe passed away on the 27th February 1978. On Saturday 27 February, a memorial service in honour of Sobukwe will be held from 10am at the Ethiopian Church in Zone 1, Pimville, Soweto opposite Simba/SAFA Stadium along the Old Potch Road.

  2. Where ever you may be, on March21, 2010 remember those who fell on Sharpeville Day, so that we may be free. Never forget the sacrifices done by those who fought so that we may be free.

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