Muslim Brotherhood celebrates Egypt Elections victory.

In March last year I wrote in one of the web magazines that, contrary to the popularly held view about the spontaneity of the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and the Middle East, F. William Engdahl writes that there is nothing spontaneous about the mass protest movements in the Arab countries. They are a replay of the US-orchestrated colour revolutions that triggered regime change in post-Soviet countries. Local opposition leaders are coached by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and other US-funded organisations in staging these type of ‘uprisings’. This covert US strategy has been in place for quite a while. The question is whether it will work.

This view has recently been corroborated by geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci on 22 June 2012 who wrote that “were anyone to still believe the rhetoric of the so-called Arab Spring, one would be admittedly confused over the emerging political landscape in Egypt where the military establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood have suddenly emerged as front runners from what was supposedly a pro-democracy popular uprising. However, if anyone understood that the pro-democracy protesters were in fact US State Department-funded, trained, and equipped mobs providing cover for the attempted installation of the Muslim Brotherhood amongst many potentially Western proxies, the current political battle would make perfect sense”.

Cartalucci says the Muslim Brotherhood does the West’s bidding in Syria. He provides evidence by quoting from the US-based Brookings Institute document titled Which Path to Persia written in 2009. Which Path to Persia is a blueprint for confronting Iran. Within the opening pages of the report, acknowledgments are given to the Smith Richardson Foundation upon which Zbigniew Brzezinski sits as an acting governor.

Furthermore, Cartalucci says that the Smith Richardson Foundation funds a bizarre myriad of globalist pet projects including studies on geoengineering, nation building, meddling in the Caucasus region, and even studies, as of 2009, to develop methods to support “indigenous democratic political movements and transitions” in Poland, Egypt, Cuba, Nepal, Haiti, Vietnam, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Burma.

US-trained Mohammed Morsi is a US asset. As evidence mounts against the Muslims Brotherhood, implicating them as overt proxies of Western foreign policy, their credibility took another blow as the US State Department’s April 6 Movement endorsed Morsi.

The Egytian army is having a grip on power and may be getting funding from the United States government, training with Western forces and participating in Western machinations of global domination. However, Cartalucci says that the Egyptian army personnel are nationalists with the means and motivation to draw lines and check the West’s ambitions within Egypt and throughout Egypt’s spere of influence.

According to Cartalucci, pro-democracy movements, particularly the April 6 youth movement, trained, funded, and equipped by the US State Department, serve the sole purpose of giving the Muslim Bortherhood’s installation into power a spin of legitimacy where otherwise none existed. Those within these pro-democracy movements with legitimate intentions will inevitably be disappointed if not entirely thrown under the wheels of Western machinations as regional war aimed at destroying Iran, Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah arch of influence slowly unfolds.

He says despite the Brotherhood’s lofty rhetoric, it has been, from its inception, a key proliferator of Western foreign policy. Currently, the Syrian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood has been involved heavily, leading in fact, the US, Israel, Saudi, and Qatari-backed sectarian violence that has been ravaging Syria for over a year.

This analysis is lacking in the African media in general and the South African media in particular. We have talking heads (so-called pundits) spewing gobbledygook everytime they are trying to inform their gullible and credulous audiences of what has happened in North Africa and is happening in the Middle East. Academics are equally lost, yet the talking heads and academics from various universities and research institutes are people from which the equally directionless ANC government ought to take the cue from.

The ANC government’s voting in favour of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 was scandolous. Apparently, South Africa has again voted against Syria at the UN. African governments should apprise themselves of the nefarious intentions of the West and vote against their resolutions at the UN because they will be next. Africa must have her own specific political personality and not be towed like a vessel by any other state or bloc as the late Senegalese scholar and Pan Africanist Dr Cheikh Anta Diop said.

By Sam Ditshego

(The writer is a Senior Researcher at the Pan Africanist Research Institute (PARI) )

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