The fastest growing business

By Thomo waga Nkgadima

Self employed Lucas Mokoena (34) of Dwarsloop near Buckridge; Limpopo says printing is one of the fastest growing industries that offer a few existing career opportunities for those who are technically or artistically inclined. Mokoena, a corol draw and Graphic specialist completed his National Higher Diploma with the Institute of Vocational Studies in the year 2000 and flocked to Burgersfort as a fortune hunter looking for greener pastures.

Lucas Mokoena
Hard at work Lucas Mokoena behind his computer designing graphics for his customers.

“Nowadays almost anything you lay your eyes on has printing form such as newspapers but magazines do not use the same form of printing as labels, containers, boxes or cartoons”. Said Mokoena.

In 2004 he started his own printing business. Mokoena a proud owner of Limpuma Printers operating in Burgersfort trained 4 unemployed youth and employed them to assist him run his business. He intends to expand his business to increase the supply and meet the demand. His customers are business people operating in Burgersfort town, attorneys, consultant engineers and schools from 169 villages of Greater Tubatse Municipality printing invoices, letterheads, school registers and receipt books and business cards.

“The printing industry offers a few existing careers opportunities such as letterpress but this method is disappearing gradually. Now the advanced computers and information technology can do wonders,” He explained.

“The printing industry will never decline but printing careers are fading, due to computers and their advanced technology,” He added.

Today most printing companies are going digital, which is very expensive to buy, but cheaper and faster on production. Newspapers and magazines are printed with a new sprinter. Although a few newspapers companies in South Africa print their newspapers Litho printer.

“Printing is a very expensive business to run, not because printers and machinery are very cost effective, but because these needs people that are precise, have pride in their work and be very cautious,”

“Printing papers are reasonable and affordable but inks are very expensive, no waste or mistake can be affordable,” Mokoena emphasized.

However, provision for maintenance of machinery always needs to be made.

“Printing machines are also expensive too, but one need one machine, not like the other printing were one need a printer for every colour. All what you need is a computer to design your images, and block makers,” He concluded.