The recolonization of Africa

There seems to be an imperialist conclusion that the solution to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis lay in a renewed aggressive exploitation of Africa at all costs including conventional warfare. Europe was poor before colonising Africa. Europe became poor after being colonised by America. The USA seized an opportunity to colonize European tribes after the devastating Second World War. Europe was put on new economic trajectory under military control of NATO, whose original mission is to control and advance American agenda throughout Europe.

The USA stripped Europe of its capacity to directly colonize Africa, Asia and South America. America installed its own indirect control of colonies by anointing non-European neo-colonial authorities. This destroyed Europe’s primary economy. It systematically killed Europe’s appetite to produce by introducing various get rich quick scheme, thus obliterating the European secondary economy. It can be noted that only the villain, Germany, was left to produce so that it pay for its sins with sweat. All other tribes outside the influence of Soviet Union were militarily and economically disabled. European economy was to be a pyramid scheme that operates outside natural law and objective reality hence the removal of the gold standard in monetary systems.

The European economy was configured to be a tertiary economy with limited secondary stratum and no self-sustaining primary stratum hence financial services and research are key economic drivers in that economy. Whereas European governments did not recover from Second World War loans citizens of these countries seemed to be very wealth and broke governments had a lot of cash flow notwithstanding their horrific financial position. Citizens were happy to lend their government money to service American loans.

Today European and American sovereign debt is constantly on the rise. Citizens had a rude awakening when the pyramid scheme collapsed, triggered by American subprime mortgage speculation. Their dream became a nightmare and reality hit home. European governments and their citizens were always broke. Their lavish lifestyle was sustained by an artificial economy. The pension fund did not save money and public tax revenue was below health, social welfare and educational needs. Germany cannot sustain its efforts of bailing out its wasteful neighbours. Europe is desperate. Its desperation is resurrecting is crudeness and its cruelty to mankind. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and others are totally dependent on French and British leadership. America’s base for economic success is Africa and her resources.

France cannot survive without looting from West Africa and North Africa. West Africa rumbles for real sovereignty made Sarkozy to run like a headless chicken in defiance of the spirit of international law and destroying the credibility of international institutions. Libya’s intension to encourage West African countries to participate in new a banking system that is not based on the French owned currency made Sarkozy mad. Ivory Coast’s desire for self-determination pushed Sarkozy to limits. Self-determination meant removal of French hegemony over Ivorian economy and military. Ivory Coast is the hub of West African economic activity and therefore loosing Ivory Coast meant loosing the whole region. Imagine what will happen to French without West Africa. France had to go to war with Libya and Ivory Coast, not for the protection of civilians or promotion of democratic values but for safeguarding its economic interest. There is fire in all former French and British colonies in Western Asia because of Arabic link to Africa.

British interest is vested in Southern Africa and East Africa Britain. Without those regions, the United Kingdom is a barren land. This is why Britain was so aggressive against Zimbabwe. The land distribution program was setting an extremely dangerous precedence for the future of imperialism. Zimbabwe was shielded by good timing and had the land reform program been implemented after economic meltdown, Britain would have mobilised militarily attack on Zimbabwe. Britain at that time could afford to use covert operation like sabotaging the economy as opposed to deploying its military on the ground. The Zimbabwean economy is smaller than that of South Africa and therefore the imperialist interest is to minimise influence of successful economic distribution to South African policy. Britain cannot afford independent South African economy in the same way France could not afford a free Ivory Coast. Revolutionary action is crushed ruthlessly in all economic hubs of Africa.

The imperialists driven wars and un-governability on the African continent are an indication that wars against Africa are not about to end. In fact, we are witnessing new era of crude colonialism. Africans must anticipate unprecedented looting of their by European powers. Africans need to be ready to fight prolonged wars because Europe does not have an economic designs which will not create misery in Africa. Africa freedom means poverty, disease and misery for Europe.

By Sbusiso Xaba

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  1. More informative. Question is must we dump Britain and end up in the situation Zimbabwe is. What is the programme of Action of PAYCO on this. If its there do we have capacity to carry it. If there is no capacity what does PAYCO do to get that capacity.If we do not get the capacity what is the hindrance. We need to be in action, not just fill our minds with information like this. This is the time where things need to change.

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