All wars were about land. Every liberation struggle is about the restoration of indigenous people’s effective control of their land from foreign domination. Final analysis of any armed conflict will find that the source of disagreement is the land.

Land was the root cause of English and Dutch skirmishes in Africa. China and Japan war was over land. Palestinian and Israeli conflict comes down to land. European tribal brawls, erroneously called world wars were about territorial control, which is land.

There is a reason behind people’s willingness to sacrifice their lives for land and that is absolute control of land, which endows absolute authority over human beings on the land. This absolute dominion source is that the land serves material and spiritual interests for human beings.

The material interest derived from land is food, health and luxury, which land provide through agriculture and industry. There can never be industry without raw material from land, land for production and logistics facilities.

Plants cultivation and feed stock grazing happen on the land. Healing herbs and chemicals used for medicinal purposes are found on land. Industry produces implements for agriculture to produce life sustaining food, health and luxury. Availability of comfort can only be guaranteed through ability to sustain the control of land hence the hectic investment in war expertise and apparatus by rulers of the land.

The Roman Empire built military industry complex to sustain its hegemony on the world for a millennium to secure its good times. Europe‘s balance of arms policy of nineteenth century created peace among European nation-states. They agreed not to contend each other land which gave them impetus to annex land in other continents which they largely awarded to European peasantry. America‘s effective control of land through its IMF and World Bank necessitated the establishment of military bases in other people’s land and building of military industry complex to sustain its lavishness life.

By Sbusiso Xaba

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