[In Memory of Bra Vusi Make]

this thing of ours
is never talked about
though its dear life is seeded in
the up and down of our own lives

at times it gives a sinking feeling
of despair and defeat
all going horribly wrong
at times it pulls and pushes
giving and taking
sometimes it’s a gigantic spirit
of simmering coal fire
determined to fight
the fight against colonial conquest
out on the open plains of the lowveld
around the corner
in the concrete jungle
and in the fields of blood
of our beloved but occupied azania

this thing of ours
rebounds like a virus when we are
in health rather than in sickness
without rhyming reason
without timing and style
but then tends to spit out its very own
into the wild harsh of the sewerage

this thing is ours
vusi make / nyathi pokela / mfanasekhaya gqobhose / desai / maphpumzana sibeko
to embody and breathe lifeblood
into its impoverished
and thinned entrails
to inspire and conspire
to see to its everlasting flow
into the hearts and minds
of the many with aspirations
for peace / harmony / plenty

this thing of ours
is truly of our very own
with deepened roots
from our great grandmothers
to their grand children
to their great great offsprings
forever more

By Jaki Seroke

(Photo: Azania Kommittee files)