[Remember Sobukwe: 1924 – 1978]

under the objective conditions
we all have big families
to take care of
loved ones to shower
with undying love
adorable children to raise
friends to spend time with
stupid facebook posts to send
exploiting bosses to work for
exorbitant taxes to pay
expensive costs to keep up with
broken homes to repair
and make warm again
books to read | we all have
an ongoing struggle to wage
democracy to truly deepen
a united nationhood to build
the land to repossess
valiant patriots to remember
the docile to mobilise
epic poetry to recite
fires of fury to ignite
the unschooled to enlighten
peace and plenty to ensure
a bright future to work for
no matter what
we have the people of azania
to serve | a personal sacrifice
to make | a collective suffering
to endure | a baobab tree
to nurture | an omniscient g-d
to worship | an historic mission
to fulfill | a final victory
to win | we do

Jaki Seroke