This is not a reaction but a response to Mr. Barney Mthombothi’s article which appeared in the Opinion section of the Sunday Times newspaper of 11 May 2014. What he says about the PAC has been said so many times by analysts and journalists in this country especially in post 1994 era. They, like him have predicted and wished the demise or extinction of the PAC from the political scene in this country; some even went as far as using the word annihilation. The PAC has been buried so many times but, like a cat with nine lives, continues to exist because all these analysis are based on wishful thinking by those who have embraced the neoliberal paradigm and benefit on the continued poverty of the African majority who have yet to enjoy the fruits of their sweat and blood, 20 years down the line.

We, the loyal disciples of the Great Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe understand and appreciate the views expressed by Mr. Mthombothi who is part of the elites that ‘eat good and dress good’ (Malcolm X or Malik Shabaaz) whilst the masses of the poorest of poor, the have-nots and the dispossessed continue to live in abject poverty and squalor. The PAC will continue to exist for as long the African people are there in this country and on the continent. We will not abandon our worldview simply because a journalist says “it seems it (PAC) can’t survive in an open democracy”. The PAC survived during the most ferocious repression when most of its underground Poqo operatives were hanged at the Pretoria Central Prison early to mid-1960s and the graves of most of these freedom fighters have yet to be identified.

Our worldview is anchored in the African people; it is in their innermost feeling. This is Africanism and Pan Africanism. The former upholds the material, spiritual and intellectual needs and interests of the African people and at continental level PAC stands for the total liberation and unification of Africa from Cape to Cairo, Madagascar to Morocco.

For the PAC, African unity is not integration, it is the creation of the United States of Africa and this will become a reality the day African leaders relinquish or surrender sovereignty to the Union of African states and thus end fragmentation of Africa. In this connection, Sobukwe says: “South Africa is an integral part of the African continent…” and he further goes on to say “the struggle in South Africa is part of the greater struggle throughout the continent for the restoration to the African people of the effective control of their land”. On the basis of this worldview we will continue to stand for the truth and the truth is that we do not own this land and its resources below and above ground and yet we are said to be ‘free’. We are not talking about piecemeal solutions to the land issue. We are not apologetic. We are not here to appease. That is why we are destabilized. Mr. Mthombothi you are aware that “private individuals and foreigners own close to 80 percent of South African land,” according to the latest land audit (Pretoria News, Friday September 6, 2013, front page).

We are happy that there are new political forces that have picked up what we have been saying since the inception of the PAC in April 1959. This has rekindled hope and confidence in the ranks of the PAC not to give up or abandon ship. All what we need to do is to unite and disappoint our detractors and thus restore the dignity of our founding leader – the Great Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe and other stalwarts and struggle heroes of this Party of the African people who served, suffered and sacrificed for the liberation of this our ancestral heritage – Azania.

Mr. Mthombothi, ‘African Renaissance’ is not Pan Africanism and because of this, it cannot make the PAC superfluous. Yes it did destabilize some of our members who were not strong enough ideologically but that was just ephemeral. Pan Africanism from its founding and from of its earlier founders such as Edward Blyden to the Manchester Congress in 1945, with W.E.B. du Bois, George Padmore ,T. Ras Makonnen, Jomo Kenyatta, Hastings Banda, Peter Abrahams and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has always been socialist and poor people oriented. This is what the PAC represents to date and will continue to until others realize the correctness of our position because we believe in the dialectical process. Nothing is static or immutable. That is why, the PAC will sooner or later make a come back with determination and vigour to claim its political and ideological space or terrain in this country.

Izwe Lethu! Pamberi!

By Molefe ‘Ike’ Mafole
The writer is a Member of the PAC of Azania (PAC) and the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA) Military Veterans Association. He can be contacted on 072 630 2206.


  1. I read the article by Barney Mthombothi to which M’Afrika Mafole responded and quickly reflected on another one he wrote a few years back when he was a columnist for The Star in which Mthombothi demonstrated that the majority of the ANC Youth League members who drafted the 1949 Programme of Action went to form the PAC. That was a brilliant piece Mthombothi wrote. Now that he is editor of The Sunday Times he changes tag and, like many other prophets of doom before him, writes the PAC’s obituary without having seen its cadaver. Has Mthombothi perhaps thrown his consistency and principled position out the window? Could it be that the likes of Mthombothi are being cajoled by owners and shareholders of The Sunday Times to write negative stories about the PAC? If that’s the case, what does it say about their editorial independence? The PAC’s existence can’t be measured against manipulated electoral results. The PAC’s traditions derives from heroic struggles for land repossession and self-determination waged by African Kings such as Moshoeshoe, Sekhukhuni, Hintsa and others. The PAC will continue to exist as long as the traditions of those African Kings have been betrayed. The PAC will continue to exist as long as the African people are there and their material conditions have not changed.

    1. Well M’Afrika, the obituaries have been written since 1960. These quacks need to be fired for killing their patient a trillion times. Long live umbutho
      wama Afrika poqo ! or should we rather follow our ancestors tradition in establishing the tradition of leadership succession : the King is dead, long live the King !

      Izwelethu !

  2. Since 1994, the P.A.C. has been advised to be so many things by people who have never tested the ideas they feel so strongly about. There was a time when our party was advised to move to the “center of left” and others insisted that it was urgent to move to the right of center. They said this without explaining left, center, right of what ? We are guided by ideas and not blind following of individuals because it looks like that is what the “rainbowism” is preoccupied with. Our ideology is a product of our past and present struggles
    against slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism.

    Africans can only realise a state of been awakened in our battle to completely overthrow foreign domination and all its negative elements from our motherland. One cannot claim being in a state of awakening when still yearning to be part of slavery, colonialism and neocoloniasm which are now dressed up in a new colonial attire called “democracy” in occupied Africa. Sleep walking must never be confused with a state of being awakened.
    Maybe our self appointed advisors can define to us what they mean by African renaissance before they expect us to jump in this wagon, which may
    be one of the broken ones from the heap of the “laager” operated by those who suffer from selective amnesia when it comes to our struggle.
    M’Afrika, Mafole thank you for keeping us awake in these critical times of our
    National liberation struggle and social emancipation.

    Izwelethu, iAfrika !

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