what with such confusing verbiage
what with these abstract lofty explanations
making no sense / no meaning
to see the way / our way clear
today and every other day
of the tangible sacrifices made
by blood / tears / sweat / power
to ring in the material changes
to rid us of the colossal robbery
what more still needs to be said and done?

what is still to be done
before the sun rises
to end with immediate effect
the nightmare of misogynist
raping our wives / daughters
beating to death our sisters
terrorising to hell our communities
of the have nots / the poorest
we have talked about this horror
all night and all day
what is to be done now / this minute

what’s to be done
in the break of the morning
with the two six bandits among us
the judas iscariot tribesmen
who utter cheap white lies
and a penumbra of
uncertainties and empty promises
with false smiles plastered on their faces

what must we do
by the crack of noon
to disentangle for good
the tissues of lies coming
from these pretenders
who say they were the first among
the early guerrillas in the fight
we have waged in the dark of thick woods

what will we make of it
on the altar of redemption
without repairing the devastation of the settlers / healing the bleeding wounds
the crying indignities
the violation of our mothers
the broken possibilities for peace
what will we do as we come nearer
to the altar of truth

what is still to be done
with a pack of confidence tricksters
a filthy monstrosity wearing sheep skins
signing up neo colonised afrika
into long odious debts
which stretch as long as the python
ready to strangulate to death
any living hope to do
what is for long undone
for us to live our real lives again

what is to be done
before the sun sets
so that when the ogres attack us
they find us united in action
confronting what remains undone
snatching back with the
determination of talons
doing what must be done
to take what belongs back to
where every single iota belongs

Jaki Seroke