What South Africans need

South Africans need to make a scientific class analysis of their society so as to create a more democratic form of parliamentary system of government based on one-man-one -vote with the power to recall those parliamentarians who are underperforming.

The present system seems to rob the people of South Africa of the power to choose a parliamentary representative who will be responsive to their immediate demands. For instance, those parliamentarians who are appointed by the ANC are more beholden to the ANC than to their constituents. The ANC has been wallowing under the smokes-screen of the successful National Liberation Movement which brought freedom (National Democracy) to the oppressed people. It needs to move forward and allow the people of South Africa to enjoy the Economic Benefits of being citizens of such a wealthy country.

To enjoy these benefits, South Africans need to make a Scientific Class Analysis of their society so as to ensure that their Parliamentary Representatives understand and respond to their needs. It is absurd to expect that a man moving out of a rural village in Kwa Zulu Natal can fairly represent the needs of a young person living in an urban area and who has graduated from a University anywhere in South Africa. Such a person need not be a university graduate but must be trained to have a clear understanding of the class interests of the urban dweller.

It is important to know that a better paying job does not mean that one is no longer a member of the working class. Some members of the newly created upper working class mistakenly consider themselves to be members of the ruling class despite the fact that they still live pay cheque to pay cheque. Salaried workers who, by virtue of their education and training, earn a better living, form the higher part of the working class and are the class from which the leaders of the class are recruited. They should not commit Class Suicide but should offer their training and education to the Leadership of working class that is required to serve the Class Interests of the workers and the working poor by interpreting the data provided by the Scientific Class Analysis of their society.

What the PAC needs to do is to launch a concerted effort to recruit these workers to its ranks. It has left this opportunity to the DA who have recently identified this gap and can be seen recruiting this valuable asset to its ranks. We must stop bickering and meet this challenge. We must show these workers their class interests and offer them the opportunity to lead our people to a better understanding of their condition.

After a Scientific Class Analysis, South Africans will realize that, by bringing National Liberation to South Africa, the ANC has done a commendable piece of work and should be properly rewarded but history now calls for the Economic Emancipation of the people through a class conscious leadership that must follow correct policies. Not even the Communist Party of South Africa is following such policies. We must find a political leadership that will help us make this Analysis and find such policies.

By Ezrom Mokgakala


  1. South Africans need a Great Leap Forward.South Africans need to resolve to eradicate poverty in their society. This can be done.The People’s Republic of China, with the help of the International Monetary Fund, was able to lift 80 million people out of poverty. That is double the population of South Africa. With the same programm we should be able to eradicate poverty. All we need is the political will to do so!!!

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