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Mayihlome News is an engaging news publication aimed at highlighting and advocating the plight of the poor working class masses. We inform, educate and inspire communities to stand up and fight for their social, political and economic interests. Our primary responsibility is to conscietise the poor working class masses majority of whom are Africans, to build formidable fighting capacity to defeat the instruments of plunder and exploitation praying on the human, capital and natural resources of the poor working masses who languish in grinding poverty despite their indispensable economic contribution.

Mayihlome News strives for a society committed to democratic principles of self determination, equality, justice, common ownership of the means of economic production, equitable sharing of wealth creation and consumption and an end to exploitation of man by man for the benefit of the few at the expense of the sweat, toil and blood of the working class masses. Ours is a cause for the creation of a socialist society.

Community Journalism

E-Mail us at info@mayihlomenews.co.za , after interviewing relevant parties, and tell us what is happening in your school, college, university, workplace and community.

We also invite you to send letters to Editorial and express your view point on any issue. Mayihlome News will definately publish it.


Hulisani Mmbara – Chief Editor

Dzumbu Mmbara- Deputy Editor  


Guest Contributors

Kwame Bidi Emmanuel

Larry Pinkney

Yamkela Fortune Spengane

Refentse Mokale

Sfiso Benard Nxumalo

Bhekumuzi Abdul Shabalala

Nthabeliseni Munyai

Thomo Nkgadima

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