It is very easy to curse African Leaders as being corrupt and also blame African poverty on corrupt practices by African leaders. This is a cliché and a stereotype that has been created around African leaders. There is some semblance of truth in it but the statement has been ‘very economic’ on the real truth of the situation. In other words, there is an element of misinformation or disinformation.

Before explaining my view points the following should be realized: Firstly, going to the Arab Sheikh, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and former President of The Arab Emirates, is a Feudal ruler of Abu Dhabi which is part of the Emirates (A Federation of Feudal Sultanates in the Persian Gulf).

Secondly, that as Absolute Feudal rulers, the Sheikhs, has personal ownership of all wealth that emanates from their sheikhdom or Sultanate and as such, the lavish life style which basically is nothing else but corrupt or rather extreme debauchery. The Sheikh, is corrupt as he has the legal and constitutional right to the wealth and no one questions it not even the Western Governments nor the Western based NGO or the Western Oil Companies, in fact the Sheiks are Darlings of the Western World.

The Western Oil Conglomerates are making a killing out of African Oil Resources and this unequal divide is not corruption as the same is worked into, the so called, market imperatives. Further, unfortunately African leaders corner, into their own pocket, portion of the wealth that emanates from African Countries. Thus they corruptly siphon a big chunk of the countries portion of the oil wealth (not all the wealth, just part and it is estimated, by some, that the siphoned part is less than half the meager profits). However, there have been African leaders who have tried to question this inequitable African/Western Companies Divide. They all, however, have had a nasty experience and have been literally overthrown. A good example is that of Pascal Lisuba of the Republic of the Congo or Congo Brazzaville. The said gentleman was a patriot and was freely, legally and democratically elected as President of his country. The first thing that he did was to engage the French Oil Conglomerate Total-ELF. He wanted to renegotiate the Oil divide so that justice is done by ensuring that more of the profit accrues to the African Country. What happened to him is history which nobody talks about; namely, Total-Elf organized his removal though surrogates who staged a rebellion. The Western Media did the rest, which is, shading the truth by getting back to the cliché and stereotype about African leaders namely ‘labeling Pascal Lisuba as an Undemocratic and Corrupt African Leader (Mud Which Very Easily Sticks Fast).

Evidence is now coming out (now that secret state documents, in Western Countries, are coming into public domain after completing their term of being classified), of insidious western schemes, organization, manipulation and complicity in the destabilization and overthrow of popular leaders such as Lumumba, Nkrumah, Sekou Tourre, and Modibo Keita. The list is long and in the modern times we witnessed the removal from power of the popular and democratically elected Haitian leader, namely Jean- Bertrand Aristide. Aristide’s biggest mistake was demanding that France must pay restitution to the Haitian Nation State in a Sum of Twenty One Billion US Dollar, it being equivalent to monies that were unjustly extorted from Haiti. Aristide did the unwanted of challenging a Western Power and demanding a fair deal, this again did not bode well with the Americans as the territorial water of Haiti have potential of having enormous oil reserves, which American oil interest want to get. Aristide was again labeled an Undemocratic leader and a Drug dealer through the media with a Western Cliché or stereotype reserved for Latin Americans rulers.