It is very easy to curse African Leaders as being corrupt and also blame African poverty on corrupt practices by African leaders. This is a cliché and a stereotype that has been created around African leaders. There is some semblance of truth in it but the statement has been ‘very economic’ on the real truth of the situation. In other words, there is an element of misinformation or disinformation.

Before explaining my view points the following should be realized: Firstly, going to the Arab Sheikh, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and former President of The Arab Emirates, is a Feudal ruler of Abu Dhabi which is part of the Emirates (A Federation of Feudal Sultanates in the Persian Gulf).

Secondly, that as Absolute Feudal rulers, the Sheikhs, has personal ownership of all wealth that emanates from their sheikhdom or Sultanate and as such, the lavish life style which basically is nothing else but corrupt or rather extreme debauchery. The Sheikh, is corrupt as he has the legal and constitutional right to the wealth and no one questions it not even the Western Governments nor the Western based NGO or the Western Oil Companies, in fact the Sheiks are Darlings of the Western World.

Western Media has ascribed all scenes of African poverty to corruption but they do not interrogate the situation (of African poverty) nor do they portray the unfairness and unjustness of the Neo Liberal Economic System that is in place, which basically makes third world natural resources a property of Western Financial Houses. Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader, is being dammed in the Media. However his big call, that has earned him the condemnation, is a morale call, which is that Third World Countries control their natural resources, and that, with the wealth that is going to accrue from the resources, they do not build Palatial homes, like the Oil Sheikhs, but establish massive Development Banks, Banks of The South which Banks will not be under Western Control and will be the drivers of third world development.

The emergence of China as an alternative trading partner of resource rich African countries has already caused a stir. China has given African countries their best deals ever for their natural resources, however China is being labeled as undemocratic and supporter of undemocratic states. Counter to comments ‘the starving Sahaelan children’ (God Bless Them) that are portrayed in the attached Gas Prices, the children are not victims of corrupt leaders, as they do not hail from countries that are reeking in oil money or are resource rich. The poor children basically are victims of a Corrupt Western Imposed Economic Systems. More than anything else Africa needs social justice and key to realizing this is the control of the countries natural resources or rather control of it’s god given wealth (It belongs to nobody but the Africans). Looking at it in this way Julius Malema’s call to nationalise the Mines is a very Morale Call but the western inclined media thinks otherwise. What accrues to the South Africans from Gold, Platinum, Manganese etc, is a fraction of what the London based Mining Houses and their running dog BEE partners are making. South Africa needs the money to develop people and areas that have been neglected under the Colonial System, in other words to transform the settler colonial state that South Africa remains to be.

By Isaka Oa Afrika

Gas Prices